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> Frei von Welt - Joltask @ Milinski, Berlin / Fr.01.02.2013
> float with us into a new cosy Barloonsession at the Milinski
> this time together with Joltask & Hannes Heisster
> electronical music support from 21 pm for your gossip and earwig
> have an ear...your are welcome

> Frei von Welt - Joltask @ Elektrokneipe, Berlin / Sa.19.01.2013
> it´s time again to get rid of ballast with Joltask & Hannes Heisster
> come around and go deeper with us at the Minimal Elektrokneipe
> move in step...keep in touch...be our guests
> Mission to Disco / Joltask @ Ilses Erika, Leipzig / 05.10.2012
> be part in a new chapter of a journey of a group of music enthusiasts
> your flight passengers will be Hannes Heisster, Joltask vs. Dan Cero,
> Jan`m`Ohr & Oil on Canvas vs. Deakin
> get ready to take off at Ilses Erika...hosted by Club Apollo
> Wohnstubenfeeling @ Triebwerk Magdeburg / 21.09.2012
> as a matter of the heart at Triebwerk´s 1st anniversary parlor bash
> Joltask will celebrate & play together with Oliver Schories & Mila,
> Stefan Krogmann & Olli Jay, Fabian Nickel, Dan Cero, LX Tectrex,
> Jan`m`Ohr aka The Real Geburtstagskind, Seppo & many more
> Joltask - MMXII
> it´s been a while little crocodile, but after years tears went dry
> long time since we published some music but now we do it again
> things & people have changed, some artists left us, some new will appear
> see this two tracker as an appetizer for upcoming stuff...happy new one
> released 12.01.2012